Why Choose eCycle For Your Business Data Destruction


Data Destruction

Every organization has a certain amount of sensitive information and data they need to protect. Data destruction is required when disposing of old electronics or computer equipment.

It’s not enough to just delete the data of your organization from the system. Criminals can still access data that hasn’t been securely and professionally deleted from a computer’s hard drive. Your organization can be put at risk by throwing away electronics and other computer equipment.

Why choose eCycle Florida for your Business Data Destruction

eCycle Florida is a recycling company that recycles old electronics and computer equipment from many organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, including schools, non-profit agencies, government agencies, businesses, and schools. Our professional and experienced operations coordinators will help you schedule a pick-up of your company’s electronic waste at no cost (see terms to see the qualifying items).

eCycle Florida safely and efficiently wipes hard drives, and removes sensitive information as requested by customers. To ensure that your organization’s data is completely deleted from the hard drive, our team uses a seven-pass data wiping process in accordance with DoD 5220.22M. We offer shredding services for hard drives, and proprietary equipment. For a quote, please contact us.

eCycle Florida also offers data destruction services for your company. This includes wiping, crushing, and shredding, which is physically destroying your computer equipment or electronics hard drives. eCycle Florida will issue a detailed certificate of data destruction to your company upon request. This allows you to be certain that your company’s or organization’s data and proprietary equipment are completely destroyed.

eCycle Florida is a better choice than another e-waste recycles centers. We do more than just destroy data in compliance with federal and state guidelines. To ensure that your e-waste does not end up in a landfill, we also work with partners who follow EPA guidelines. Contact eCycle Florida for more information about data destruction and our e-waste collection services.

This post was written by Steven Elia Co-Founder and Recycling Director at eCycle Florida. eCycle Florida is an R2 Certified electronics recycling company in the state of Florida. Our processes and procedures are dedicated to the proper destruction and recycling of your electronics. eCycle Florida is your go-to for Orlando electronics recycling.

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