What are the different ways of maintaining your server hardware?


If you are running a shared hosting service, unplanned server outages can really be costly to you. It therefore implies that you should do everything you can to ensure that your server is up and running efficiently. You should note that servers have different moving components. Some of them include hard disc, optical drive, cooling fan, and many other vital parts. Aside from just maintaining your servers, you should note that server backups are too much important. They will ensure that you have the much-needed productive life. You will therefore be able to run your business online.

Make sure to clean the server interior periodically.

It is a matter of utmost importance that you clean your server interior periodically. You can do this easily. What you will be aiming is the removal of dust as well as heat that could slow the operation of your server. You should know that as your server cooling fan would be pull outside air into the fan. It will mean that the dust will be piling up in the chips as well as removable media drives.  You can easily remove the dust through he use of canned air. It will enable you to thoroughly clean the inside case.  You can also make use of a small vacuum cleaner that will come with a pointed nozzle. This will really help you remove dust from dedicated servers australia tight spots.

Make sure to clean removable media files.

You should also clean removable media drives such as an optical or a floppy drives.  The good news is that today there are cleaning kits meant for cleaning of those hard drives. You can easily purchase those cleaning kits from an electronic shop whether online or offline.  You can proceed to apply the cleaning solution to the cleaning disk, which you will proceed by inserting it in the drive. On top of that, you can just perform several other functions on dedicated servers international such as saving a file to clean read heads, and more.

Make sure you perform surface analysis and defragmentation of the hard drive.

The good news is that today you will be able to do surface analysis and defragmentation of your hard drive either on a monthly, weekly, or any other time you deem fit.  The good news is that many operating systems today will provide dick utilities that will include surface analysis. The good news is that the utilities will have the excellent functionalities where they will be able to move data from bad to good sectors. It is important to note that you should as few bad sectors on your drive as possible. Therefore if you disk has so many bad sectors it will be a good idea for you to replace it. On top of that, it is recommended for you to reboot your server on a monthly basis. When you reboot, you will be running your machine into the Power on Self-Test or a post process. The overall goal will be ensuring that your cheap dedicated servers australia is functioning appropriately.

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