• The ability to control your firestick or fire TV using your smartphone. Go to App Store and search up fire TV, download the app, and an official app from Amazon, so there are no worries. They’re a plus to this feature since it has a keyboard icon on the top right which you can click that, and you can start typing using your smartphone rather than going one letter at a time with the remote control.
  • Adding a USB port to the firestick for hard drives SD card readers, plugging in wireless keyboards that use a USB adapter and can even plug in a USB to Ethernet adapter not to have to use Wi-Fi and have a more a reliable connection to the Internet. If you want to access the files from the hard drive, you plug in it. You need to use the ES File Explorer app that you’re going to find on App Store.
  • Use Bluetooth devices and go to your settings down into the controllers and Bluetooth section click on Check Bluetooth devices and add your device. It can use wireless headphones, wireless keyboards, mouse or game controllers.
  • Mirror the Android phone and what is needed to do is hold down the home button for a few moments it brings up the menu. Click on mirroring. When done it’ll turn the wireless mirroring ability on and then you can go over to your phone or other device and hook up to it wirelessly.
  • Using HDMI cec which the firestick has the capability of using and so long as the TV is capable of it. You can control your TV’s inputs and power with your fire device. For example, you have a cable box in HDMI one, and your fire stick is an HDMI 2, and you want to switch over to your firestick. you’ll be able to press a button on your remote. it’ll sense that you’re waking up the fire stick and switch the input for you without having to get your TV remote. To turn that on going into device and sound settings and HDMI cec device control turn on.
  • Setting for checking how much storage left on your firestick. If you fill up your storage, you’re going to end up with a bunch of different problems. You might not know that it’s because your storage is full, but the way you check is to go to my fire TV. Go into about and then go to storage you’ll see on the right side it says the point gigs available.
  • Closeout apps such as install vpn on firestick that you’re no longer using. Go over to your settings, down into the applications menu and then go to manage installed apps. Pick the app that you want to close, click that and click force stop. It’ll completely close the app and no longer be running in the background. Therefore your fire stick will have more internal resources to spend on things that you’re doing rather than just keeping apps open in the background.

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