Once the corona virus lockdown restrictions were lifted or eased, organizations began to consider some new options which would have helped them handle their employees well. The implementation of hybrid work environment strategy turned out to be a highly effective and cost efficient one. But there were some hitches which came alongside the positives of the said work model and to tackle them, we have gathered some really good tips which would help you give your employees the best work environment. Let’s take a look at them and how they are going to benefit your organization.

  • Do Not Call It Remote Work – While setting up a great hybrid work model, it is important that you do not use the terminology which can potentially undermine the importance of the work model. Using terms like “remote work” or remote collaboration will probably make your employees think that their work is not going to get any serious evaluation and they can work in any way they want to. And that is going to be wrong in so many ways. That is why, you must not use such terminologies and tell your employees that nothing is going to change in the new work model and that everything will be monitored with great interest.
  • Make Every Meeting A Video Meeting – When the hybrid work model is in effect, it must be ensured that regular meetings are conducted by the managers to keep track of the activities of their employees so that they do not steer away from their targets of the day. Doing so would help the employees being more productive as they would know that every step from their end is getting monitored. Also, you must make every meeting a video meeting as it would make you see that every employee of yours is actually present in their homes and working instead of going on a round outside since the lockdown restrictions have been lifted.
  • Determine The Need of The Meeting – The meetings conducted during a hybrid work model must take place while considering whether they are going to contribute to the growth of your organization or not. If the answer to this question is no, then it would be wise to not conduct useless meetings where the agenda is not even set and you called the whole team in because you had to complete your schedule. Organizing needless meets is going to cost you and your team the precious time which they could have used to work on their important projects.
  • Conversation is The Key – Talking to your in-house and off-site team about the problems faced by them while working from their respective environments is surely going to help them as they would have a channel by which they could express their concerns. While the interaction with the in-house team can be done physically in a conference room, the off-site team would have to wait for a virtual meeting wherein they would be asked to share what problems they have faced in the hybrid model.
  • Ask About Progress – When a hybrid work model is enforced in an organization, the one common mistake that almost every manager does is that they care about the density of their employees in a meeting instead of the work that has been done by them. It is important to shed focus on the progress of the work done by the teams of both office and home as in the end the work is all that is going to matter for the organization. Of course you have to take the attendance on a regular basis, but that should not be of utmost importance. Keep the work done by your employees before their attendance.
  • Communicate With All – The meetings should not be organized only for work, instead they should have a different agenda sometimes. Setting up a virtual meet wherein work is not of primary focus is important because it would allow you and your employees to connect with each other and thereby resolving the problem of less social interaction. In that meeting, you can talk to them about different things which and their experiences while working in a hybrid model. Other than that, feedback meetings are a great option to interact with your people.

It is safe to assume that you have gone through every tip that has been mentioned here and probably found many of them useful for your organization. The purpose of sharing these tips is to make sure that none of your employees is confused about what is a hybrid work schedule or how is it going to benefit them in any way. The responsibility to deal with any kind of doubts from your employees fall upon you and your managers. That is why, it is important that you include these tips whenever you are planning a new strategy to increase productivity in the hybrid work model.

Marissa Samuel