Getting the public to react to your posts is not always easy. Facebook is a visual social network and most posts on a brand page will have at least one image or video. These must have a good resolution so that the audience can appreciate them and express their opinion.In addition, the images must be attractive and relevant. Apply emotional marketing to engage your followers. Inspire through your posts, be positive. This type of post is the one that causes the most reactions. It transmits enthusiasm and generates curiosity.Generally speaking, this will help you achieve your goals. But we also have a series of tips that will allow you to generate more reactions if you apply them.  If you want to ensure engagements for your page, then buy facebook post likes from here.

Ask questions and polls to the Facebook community


Asking questions is a direct invitation to your followers to interact with your post. You can get feedback if you ask questions.

Polls are also a great opportunity to generate reactions. Another advantage it has is that it allows you to know the opinion of your followers and obtain a greater reach.

Find out how to survey on Facebook and you will see how simple it is. The same platform gives you the option to ask a question and give two answer options. These can be expressed in text, images with text, or animated GIF.

Even simpler, without using the survey tool, you can ask a question with several answer options. Ask your followers to respond using Facebook emoticons.

Post pictures of current events


Show that you are aware of what is happening around you. Current events are an opportunity to do marketing and gain visibility. However, you have to be careful with certain publications, especially those that are made based on a negative event. Stay true to brand values, do not post that may be offensive. You can also post event on Twitter also to get reach. You can also post an event on Twitter to get reach. Go for Famous Follower twitter from here.

Toggle post types

Don’t limit your posts to just one format. Post different types of content on your fan page to engage the community and keep it interested. Facebook is one of the social networks that allows you the greatest number of formats.

You can make publications of texts, images, presentations, photo sequences, videos, links … Alternating between the different types of posts attracts different types of public. Besides, it tells him that you are working to keep your page updated.

To optimize your strategy, analyze which are your most successful publications and choose the formats that work best.

Reward users


Offering some kind of reward to users is another way to generate reactions. You can make contests, invite to comment or vote with the reactions and then choose a winner. You can offer a sample of your product or discount coupons.

Another form of contest is to invite them to post images and the best one wins a prize. This option is excellent for generating engagement.

Generating intrigue and curiosity


Posts that intrigue the user encourage people to want to know more. This will help you not only get reactions but clicks to your website. This technique appeals to emotional marketing. You can do this by telling only part of a story or with a title that generates curiosity.

Marissa Samuel